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TitleSpecific ServiceDoc TypeBroad ServiceType of CustomerDate Posted
CI2017-003 - Alternative to 2015 IBC Under-Floor Ventilation and 2015 IECC Floor Insulation RequiremBuildingCode InterpretationsPermitsPermits and Inspections10/17/2017
CI2017-002 - Exceptions to Aerial Fire Apparatus Access Road Requirements, Group R OnlyFireCode InterpretationsGeneralPolicy Administrator02/03/2017
CI2017-001 - Submission of Electronic Media Documents Without a 'Wet' SignatureFireCode InterpretationsGeneralPolicy Administrator01/24/2017
CI2016-002 - Recurring Event Food Booth FeesFireCode InterpretationsPermitsPermits and Inspections06/30/2016
CI2015-005 - Stage vs. Platform Designation for Elementary and Middle SchoolsBuildingCode InterpretationsGeneralPermits and Inspections10/26/2015
CI2015-004 - Storage in Electrical Rooms or Mechanical RoomsBuildingCode InterpretationsGeneralGeneral07/09/2015
CI2015-002 Fire Alarm Systems for "Portable" Classroom BuildingsFireCode InterpretationsGeneralPermits and Inspections06/04/2015
CI2015-003 Fireworks Sales in Limited Purpose Annexation AreasFireCode InterpretationsGeneralPermits and Inspections06/04/2015
CI2015-001 Residential Developer/Builder SignsSignCode InterpretationsGeneralPermits and Inspections04/16/2015
CI2014-008 Submission of Electronic Media DocumentsFireCode Interpretations (CI)GeneralPermits and Inspections09/24/2014
CI2014-003 Gravel Requirements for Front & Side Yard Parking Code InterpretationsPermitsCode Enforcement09/09/2014
CI2014-002 - Calculating fire flow when sizing combination domestic fire water linesFireCode InterpretationsPermitsPermits and Inspections09/08/2014
CI2014-007- Expiration of Fire System PermitsFireCode InterpretationsPermitsPermits and Inspections07/09/2014
CI2014-005 Temporary Neighborhood Association signs in public right of waySignCode InterpretationsPermitsPermits and Inspections04/30/2014
CI2012-006 OvercrowdingBuildingCode InterpretationsPermitsPermits and Inspections03/11/2014
CI2014-004-Political Signs in Public ROWSignCode InterpretationsPermitsCode Enforcement03/11/2014
CI2013-003 Waste ReceptorsPlumbingCode InterpretationsPermitsPermits and Inspections10/03/2013
CI2013-007 Lavatory Clearances Fixture SpacingPlumbingCode InterpretationsPermitsPermits and Inspections07/25/2013
CI2012-006 - Overcrowding Code InterpretationsPermitsCode Enforcement06/04/2013
CI2012-009 - Plumbing and Fire Service Requirements for Combination Water MainsFireCode InterpretationsPermitsPermits and Inspections02/11/2013
CI2012-008 - Maintenance of Golf Course Roughs Code InterpretationsPermitsCode Enforcement11/19/2012
CI2012-007 - Garage Sales in Multi-family Residential Zones Code InterpretationsPermitsCode Enforcement11/07/2012
CI2012-002 - Outdoor Covered Areas for A2 OccupanciesBuildingCode InterpretationsPermitsPermits and Inspections08/08/2012
CI2011-004 - Alternative to 2009 IBC Under-Floor Ventilation and 2009 IECC Floor Insulation BuildingCode InterpretationsPermitsPlan Review07/13/2011
CI2011-003 - Residential Exterior Door Requirements in the Military Sound Attenuation OverlayBuildingCode InterpretationsPermitsPlan Review04/12/2011
CI2011-002 - Special Events Assembly CriteriaBuildingCode InterpretationsGeneralPlan Review04/01/2011
CI2006-021 Backflow Prevention Assemly Listing Requirements for Fire Protection SystemsFireCode InterpretationsPermitsPlan Review03/31/2011
CI2008-005 Combustible Materials in Return Air PlenumsBuildingCode InterpretationsGeneralPlan Review03/31/2011
CI2010-015 - Home Occupancies and Residential portions of Live Work UnitsElectricCode InterpretationsGeneralPlan Review08/31/2010
CI2010-014 - Code Requirements for Drinking Fountains and Service SinksPlumbingCode InterpretationsPermitsPermits and Inspections08/23/2010
CI2010-013 - Security Grilles in Group E OccupanciesBuildingCode InterpretationsGeneralPlan Review07/12/2010
CI2010-009 - Delayed Egress/Special Locking Arrangements for Group I-2BuildingCode InterpretationsGeneralCode Enforcement07/01/2010
CI2010-010 - Definition of Habitable AtticsBuildingCode InterpretationsGeneralPlan Review06/09/2010
CI2006-026 - Garden Sink Code InterpretationsPlumbingGeneral05/24/2010
CI2009-002 - Gray Water Provisions on Residential Applications Code InterpretationsPlumbingGeneral05/24/2010
CI2006-026 Uniform Plumbing Code - Garden SinkPlumbingCode InterpretationsGeneralPlan Review05/18/2010
CI2010-008 - Fire Extinguisher Requirements in R-2 OccupanciesFireCode InterpretationsPermitsPlan Review03/26/2010
CI2010-005 - Commercial kitchen hood requirements in fire stationsMechanicalCode InterpretationsGeneralPlan Review01/20/2010
CI2010-003 Guards for one- and two-family dwellingsBuildingCode InterpretationsGeneralPlan Review01/12/2010
CI2009-005 Replacing/Adding Cabinets on NonConforming On Premise SignsBuildingCode InterpretationsGeneralPlan Review08/21/2009