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TitleSpecific ServiceDoc TypeBroad ServiceType of CustomerDate Posted
IB 101 Residential Packet Checklist and ApplicationBuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review06/29/2022
IB 581 - Redline Amending Plat ProcessPlatting/SubdivisionsInformation BulletinsBoards, Commissions, CommitteesPolicy Administrator06/24/2022
IB 143 - Fire Flow Test Reports FormFireInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review06/07/2022
IB 126 - Certificate of Occupancy - Commercial Construction ApplicationCertificate of OccupancyInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review05/03/2022
IB 127 Occupant Load Request and ApplicationBuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review04/27/2022
IB 223 - Residential and Commercial FencesBuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsPermits and Inspections03/29/2022
IB 189 - Existing Buildings - Permits and COOBuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review03/25/2022
IB 580 Process for Street Name Approval RequestStreet Name ChangeInformation Bulletins Policy Administrator03/25/2022
IB 112 - Temporary Use Certificate of Occupancy and ApplicationCertificate of OccupancyInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review03/23/2022
IB 244 - Construction Noise Ordinance Information BulletinsGeneralGeneral03/03/2022
IB 172 - Foundation Repair Permits - FormsBuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review02/28/2022
IB 235 Commercial Minor StructuresBuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review02/15/2022
IB 135 - Fire Alarm Modifications Involving Five (5) or Fewer DevicesFireInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review02/10/2022
IB 109 - Sprinkler Modifications involving 20 heads or lessFireInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review02/09/2022
IB 110 - Accessing Permit Information and Plan Review Comments OnlineBuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review02/09/2022
IB 226 - Commercial Letter Submittal ProcessBuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsPermits and Inspections02/09/2022
IB 102a - PE Certification of Fire Alarm Plans FormFireInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review02/07/2022
IB 102b - PE Certification of Fire Sprinkler Plans FormFireInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review02/07/2022
IB 130 - Required Building Permits and Inspections for One and Two Family Dwellings BuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review02/07/2022
IB 185 - Smoke Control System Submittal RequirementsFireInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review02/07/2022
IB 190 - Gaseous Suppression Permit Information and ChecklistPlumbingInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review02/07/2022
IB 218 - Multipurpose Residential Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems (MRFPSS)PlumbingInformation BulletinsPermitsPermits and Inspections02/04/2022
IB 107 - Fire Sprinkler Permit Application and ChecklistFireInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review02/03/2022
IB 122 - Fire Alarm Permit Application and ChecklistFireInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review02/03/2022
IB 132 - Special Permits and Inspections Program Policies, Procedures & Guidelines FormBuildingInformation BulletinsGeneralPlan Review01/18/2022
IB 171 - Retaining/Landscaping Walls - Permit/Inspection Requirements FormBuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review01/06/2022
IB 170 - Swimming Pool PermitsBuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review12/22/2021
IB 167 - 2018 IECC Residential Inspection FormsBuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review12/17/2021
IB 221 - Commercial 2018 IECC Submittal RequirementsBuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsPermits and Inspections12/17/2021
IB 153 - Photovoltaic SystemsElectricalInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review12/06/2021
IB 124 - Admin Excep Variance Request (AEVR) ApplicationVariance/Code ModificationsInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review11/19/2021
IB 162 - Shell Building PermitsBuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review10/14/2021
IB 147 - Commercial Permit Applications (Completeness Review Process)BuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review10/06/2021
IB 125 - Partial and Conditional Building Permits FormBuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review08/06/2021
IB 106 - Demolition Process, Checklist and Permit Application BuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review06/28/2021
IB 546 - Military Notification ProcessPlatting/SubdivisionsInformation BulletinsGeneralLand Development06/25/2021
IB 138 - Interlocal Agreement with Port Authority of San AntonioBuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review06/14/2021
IB 100 - Review Certification of One/Two Family Dwelling FormBuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review05/28/2021
IB 531 - How to request a "Certificate of Determination" FormBuildingInformation BulletinsPermitsLand Development04/28/2021
IB 114 - Code Modification Request Procedures FormVariance/Code ModificationsInformation BulletinsPermitsPlan Review03/01/2021