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TitleSpecific ServiceDoc TypeBroad ServiceType of CustomerDate Posted
RID 2024-002 Plat Exception for Solar UtilitiesUnified Development Code (UDC)Rule InterpretationsGeneralLand Entitlements04/17/2024
RID 2024-001 IDZ Clarification of Base district use and Overlay district use Unified Development Code (UDC)Rule Interpretations  03/01/2024
RID 119 Accesory Structures and DwellingsUnified Development Code (UDC)Rule InterpretationsGeneralPolicy Administrator02/29/2024
RID 2023-006 Fences Abutting Residential Uses Unified Development Code (UDC)Rule InterpretationsGeneralGeneral01/08/2024
RID 2023-005 Martindale Heliport Hazard Overlay DistrictUnified Development Code (UDC)Rule InterpretationsGeneralZoning10/11/2023
RID 2023-003 Stormwater FEMA FIRM/FISUnified Development Code (UDC)Rule InterpretationsGeneralGeneral10/10/2023
RID 2023-002 Type 1 STR ProofUnified Development Code (UDC)Rule InterpretationsPermitsPolicy Administrator05/11/2023
RID 2023-001 West Side Creeks (WQ)Unified Development Code (UDC)Rule InterpretationsGeneralZoning04/06/2023
RID 2022-002 Tuberculosis Testing Requirements for Transitional HousingUnified Development Code (UDC)Rule InterpretationsGeneralPolicy Administrator07/11/2022
RID 2019-007 Digital Sign Displays Using Projection Technology in RIOUnified Development Code (UDC)Rule InterpretationsGeneralPolicy Administrator09/19/2019
RID 2019-002 Right-of-Way Width Dedication by an Amending PlatUnified Development Code (UDC)Rule InterpretationsGeneralLand Development04/16/2019
RID 2019-001 Mobile Retail EstablishmentUnified Development Code (UDC)Rule InterpretationsGeneralPolicy Administrator03/29/2019
RID 2018-004 Secondary Structures and Adaptive Reuse of Industrial Buildings in DowntownUnified Development Code (UDC)Rule InterpretationsGeneralPlan Review03/12/2018
RID 2017-001 IDZ Townhome Lot Size RequirementsUnified Development Code (UDC)Rule InterpretationsGeneralPolicy Administrator03/27/2017
RID 2016-001 Recycling Uses and Screening RequirementsUnified Development Code (UDC)Rule InterpretationsGeneralPolicy Administrator12/15/2015
RID 105 PlattingUnified Development Code (UDC)Rule InterpretationsGeneralPolicy Administrator03/19/2014